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The Beaufort Diaries is an animated short film starring David Duchovny, directed by Alex Petrowsky, and written and produced by T Cooper. Adapted from the graphic novel of the same name, it is the inspiring story of a polar bear named Beaufort, a small town bear forced from his shrinking native habitat into the wilds of Hollywood.

The Beaufort Diaries was an official selection of the Tribeca Film Festival 2011, where it made its New York Premiere on April 24th. The film was also an official selection of the South By Southwest Film Festival 2011, where it made its world premiere on March 13. It will also appear in the New Orleans Film Festival in October 2011.

Ice, Ice Baby.

“It’s a sad state indeed when polar bears have nowhere to go but Hollywood after being forced from their rapidly-diminishing natural habitat. With any luck, Beaufort’s epic, instructional journey will help make him the last bear on Earth to have to work for food
and survival in the bear-eat-bear film industry.”
--Téa Leoni

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the Film

When you're a dying breed in Hollywood, sometimes it's tough to go with the floe.

BEAUFORT is just a small town bear, living in a lonely world... What happens when an arctic refugee finds himself adrift in LA-LA Land? Behold Beaufort's rocket rise to stardom, his inevitable crash and burn, his enduring, inspiring friendship with actor Leonardo DiCaprio, his dust-up with Scientology, and finally--his painful journey to redemption and bear-awareness.

David Duchovny stars as the eponymous polar bear hero in this animated short based on author
T Cooper's graphic novel "The Beaufort Diaries." Art and Directed by Alex Petrowsky. Written and Produced by T Cooper. Director of Photography/Animation by Drew Jordan.

USA 3:45 minutes

DAVID DUCHOVNY is an actor, writer and director.
ALEX PETROWSKY is a somewhat nomadic designer, illustrator and studio artist. Check out his work here.
DREW JORDAN is a photographer, designer, and filmmaker dedicated to the art and imagery of storytelling. His work can be seen here.
T COOPER is the author of three novels, in addition to ample journalism and short fiction. Take a look at more of his work here.

the Book

The Beaufort Diaries

A graphic novel by T Cooper
Illustrations by Alex Petrowsky
(Melville House Publishing, 2010)

A Los Angeles Times Bestseller


“T Cooper does the kind of thing that drives other writers mad: He takes the bones of stories told many times, in many ways, and shapes them into something singular and breathtaking... Cooper’s nearly flawless prose is the meat of this work: It’s as if the author challenged himself to test his talents with a scenario that in less able hands would almost necessarily lapse into cliché and cheap satire. Instead, Cooper makes it original, humane, and deeply funny.”
--The Austin Chronicle

“In this little gem we follow Beaufort, a polar bear, from the waters north of the Yukon, down along the Pacific coast, to the sake and sashimi of Southern California’s trendy Nobu restaurant…. The narrative is spot-on with quirky satire that’s as side-splittingly funny as it is revealing. Cooper’s dynamite wit finds the perfect tempo as Beaufort’s inner-dialogues evolve to perfectly echo every stage of his stardom, demise, and eventual East coast redemption... Petrowsky’s illustrations add depth, humor, and, at times, visceral awkwardness to Cooper’s warm tale.”
--Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“An unlikely premise--a polar bear makes it big in Los Angeles and then crashes--but somehow Cooper makes it work... Outlandish and frequently hilarious.”
--Kirkus Reviews

"There is a great deal of humor and tenderness here, a considerable achievement considering the book’s length... Audacious and ambitious... The Beaufort Diaries is a polished and beguiling work, written with tact, benevolence and great empathy."
--The Rumpus


David Duchovny

Alex Petrowsky

Director of Photography
Drew Jordan

Written and Produced by
T Cooper

Alex Petrowsky

Drew Jordan

Based on:
"The Beaufort Diaries"
by T Cooper
with illustrations by Alex Petrowsky
(Melville House Publishing, 2010)

Thank You
David Duchovny, Allison Glock-Cooper, Téa Leoni, Melville House, Silas Howard, Stan Chisholm, and Oprah.


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